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About Z. Haydu Manufacturing Corporation

Z. Haydu is Committed to Providing Solutions for our Customer's Manufacturing Challenges

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About Z Haydu Manufacturing Corporation

Small Precision Metal Assemblies & Component Parts:

  • Ribbon - Tube - Wire Forms made from Exotic Alloys - Glass Sealing Alloys - Stainless Steel & Base Metals
  • Ni. Brazed & TIG Welded S.S. Assembly
  • GMP & ISO Compliant
  • Mfg. & Mat'l Certifications Upon Request
  • Proprietary Products: Ultrasonic Dental Scalers

The majority of our clients are Fortune 100 or 500 Companies. CCR Registered & ISO Compliant.

Z. Haydu Manufacturing Corporation Today

Zoltan Haydu started Z. Haydu Manufacturing Corporation in Hollywood, FL in 1975 after George's son decided to change careers and travel. The assets were sold to Zoltan, who changed the product line to include dental tools such as crown removal devices and ultra-sonic dental scalers. He continued the electronic parts department and later, with his sons John and James, developed in-roads to the medical products arena.

During the early 1980's Mr. Haydu worked with doctors from Contemporary Surgical to develop and produce eye surgical tools used for the removal of cataracts. Later, in the 1990's, in cooperation with a doctor's original idea, they worked together to develop eye laser surgical tools that could irrigate, aspirate, and surgically remove the intra-ocular lens and then replace it with an artificial lens implant.

Progressive Die
Example of a 6-stage progressive die

Example of a 6-stage
progressive die

Zoltan Haydu has since retired, as the company has been successfully guided by John and James Haydu since the 1980's. They have continued the family business tradition in their management style and Human Resource development. Under their leadership, Z Haydu Manufacturing Corporation has evolved into an Award Winning MRP Supplier to the medical community producing precision tubing components, wire forms, TIG-welded and brazed assemblies as well as many stamping parts for other industries such as communications, defense, and science technology. ZHMC welcomes accomplished doctors and scientists with novel ideas that wish to develop them into workable designs for mass production.

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